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My clients have a few options when it comes to portraits.They can have them done in my photography studio,at their home or at a location of their choice.Whatever they choose,my aim is to provide them with a beautiful selection of images that they will be delighted with and cherish forever.I understand that people have hectic schedules these days with work,kids etc. and therefore am very flexible with my work hours to facilitate my clients.I will do portrait sessions in the evenings up to 10pm and Saturdays/Sundays from 8am-8pm.I will come to client’s homes during these hours also if required.With outdoor portraits I am obviously at the mercy of weather and daylight but as these permit I will be as flexible as possible to facilitate my clients.
In the Studio..
My fully equipped spacious studio is located in Ennis(opposite main entrance to courthouse),where there is always parking available just outside the door.With a client area,toilet and dressing room(with baby changing facility)my clients can feel relaxed while putting on make up,getting kids ready or changing outfits for a portrait session.
Session Duration..
I don’t put a time limit on portrait sessions but they typically last 1-2hours.This gives plenty time to get comfortable and photograph the clients in a wide range of poses,changing backdrops If required and allowing them to change outfits also if desired for more variety in the photographs.
Pre-session Consultation..
This can take the form of a chat over the phone or meeting in person.This gives me a chance to get to know the clients and discuss the portrait session,including the types of photographs to be taken,clothing to be worn for the session and in the case of children,props or other items to be brought to the session.When photographing children there are often particular cuddly toys or items that they wish to include in photographs,so during the pre-shoot chat we discuss all these things and can be fully prepared and get the most from the session.In the case of outdoor portrait sessions we are limited by the weather and daylight.In the case of these sessions we just watch the weather prior to the session and if it’s not favourable on the day we just cancel and reschedule for another time.
At your home..
I will happily come to your home for a portrait session or to a location(indoor/outdoor) of your choice.For some people with elderly or disabled family members coming to the studio may just not be an option.That is no problem.I will come to your home.I can do natural portraits but also have a mobile studio which I can easily set up at your house if this is what you prefer.People often prefer to get natural portraits of children in the home or out in the garden and surrounding areas.
At a location of your choice..
My clients also have the option of doing a portrait session at a location of their choice.There is no limit to the number of beautiful places such as woods,beaches etc.around the county that are just amazing for portrait sessions.